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Manipulate Apache Spark Streaming by SQL

Streaming SQL for Apache Spark is a project based on Catalyst and Spark Streaming, aiming to support SQL-style queries on data streams. Our target is to advance the progress of Catalyst as well as Spark Streaming by bridging the gap between structured data queries and stream processing. 
Our Streaming SQL for Apache Spark (hereinafter referred to as Streaming SQL) provides: 
  1. SQL support on both stream and table data with extended time-based windowing aggregation and join.
  2. Easy mutual operation between DStream and SQL.
  3. External source API support for streaming source.


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How to

This package doesn't have any releases published in the Spark Packages repo, or with maven coordinates supplied. You may have to build this package from source, or it may simply be a script. To use this Spark Package, please follow the instructions in the README.


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