spark-notebook (homepage)

Use Apache Spark straight from the Browser

The Spark Notebook lets you drive your data analysis from the browser.

It can be run on your local machine within 5 minutes, launching jobs in local more within 6.

It has been deployed on a large panel of cluster scheduler/configuration including Apache Mesos, Apache Yarn on ec2, google compute engine, digital ocean and OpenStack.

It's featuring tight integration with Apache Spark and offers handy tools to analysts:
* configure/connect to cluster
* automatic charting
* widgets
* dynamic forms
* SQL support
* update environment with custom libraries

For newbies to Spark, it has a lot of examples demonstrating the Spark APIs: from core to ADAM, via SQL, Steaming and GraphX.

The current distros are Docker, Zip, Deb, Tarbal and are available from s3 or dockerhub:

The Spark Notebook powers the Typesafe stack in its entirety: Sbt, Scala, Akka, Play 2.


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How to

This package doesn't have any releases published in the Spark Packages repo, or with maven coordinates supplied. You may have to build this package from source, or it may simply be a script. To use this Spark Package, please follow the instructions in the README.


Version: v0.4.0 ( 0bd098 | zip ) / Date: 2015-03-29 / License: Apache-2.0