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HSpark - High performance HBase / Spark SQL engine

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HSpark: Highly Efficient Spark SQL Engine for Online Analysis on NOSQL Data
Aimed to combine the flexibilities and efficiencies of Spark SQL as execution engine and NOSQL data stores as storage
engines, HSpark is based upon advanced predicate analysis to optimize Spark SQL performances further through such advanced techniques as comprehensive predicate/projection/processing pushdown, multi-dimensional scans, predicate rewrites, precise partition pruning along with partition-specific predicates, and Null-ness optimization.
HSpark is poised to evolve into a powerful operational analytical and OLTP engine, expanding the Spark-based technologies to a new scope of application domains.


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This package doesn't have any releases published in the Spark Packages repo, or with maven coordinates supplied. You may have to build this package from source, or it may simply be a script. To use this Spark Package, please follow the instructions in the README.


Version: 2.2.0 ( f15d23 | zip ) / Date: 2017-07-27 / License: Apache-2.0